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  • Are AI and internet sources sufficient in creating a food recipes blog?
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Are AI and internet sources sufficient in creating a food recipes blog?

First of all, scouring the internet WILL net you countless recipes. But, in order to determine which recipes are better than others you must either me an experienced and excellent cook this will be useless to you. Eliminating recipes based on combination of ingredients and their percentage to each other in very time-consuming. If you don’t go through this process laborously you will share to your audience countless terrible recipes stolen from others on the internet.

That’s right, I said stolen. Food recipe bloggers are looking for tried, tested, and ‘guaranteed to be great’ recipes. Your blog readers can go on the internet themselves to go through the same process that you are going through – with no better chance of being any better or worse than you! Your readers want YOU to either create/develop/modify recipes in YOUR kitchen or you will have zero credibility and, eventually, very few subscribers.

And second, what makes you think that AI is skilled in recipe creation? AI CAN’T TASTE! And, once again, you don’t own whatever AI that you are using. Therefore, YOU are stealing someone elses’ content!

And finally, many food bloggers have been on the internet for over a decade and have an established and loyal following. I’ve been following one lady from the Pittsburg, Penn. area for 9 years. You are going up against 100’s of dedicated, passionate home cooks who truly know what they’re doing.

Good luck.