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How can I convert exFAT to NTFS?

NTFS is the most recent file system employed by Windows. If you want to convert exFAT to NTFS, please refer to the following two methods on Windows or macOS.

Convert exFAT to NTFS on Windows

Disk Management allows users to manipulate the settings of the drives within their computers. It’s also the tool used to create partitions with the drive, format drives, rename drives, and other disk management tasks.

  • Launch Disk Management. Right-click on This PC then select Manage. Then, go to Disk Management. You can also do this by opening Run (Windows key + R), then typing in diskmgmt.msc in the box.
  • Make right-click on the icon of the USB drive you want to format. Click on Format. Select NTFS.

Convert exFAT to NTFS on macOS

If you need to format USB Drive Mac to NTFS to utilize it on a Windows PC, you need to add an NTFS driver on the Mac.

  • Add a USB drive to a USB port on your Mac. It will mount on the work area (screen) of your Mac.
  • Download an NTFS driver for the Mac, like Tuxera NTFS for Mac, NTFS-3G, the open-source, accessible form of Tuxera NTFS, or NTFS for Mac OS X 8.0.
  • Open and Install the NTSF driver.
  • Click on the Applications symbol and then click Utilities and Disk Utility to launch it. All mounted volumes on your Mac, including interior and external hard drives, will show up on the left sheet, just like the USB drive.
  • Click on the USB drive on the left sheet in the Disk Utilities.
  • Tap on the Delete tab. Select the Format pull-down menu and click on NTFS. Type another name for the USB drive in the Name text box.
  • Then click Delete. Disk Utility will change the USB drive format to NTFS, and all the data on the disk will be deleted.