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I want to change myself.what should I do?

1:-Stop discussing your personal life with every second person. Tell them what’s necessary, privacy is everything.

2:-Stop wasting your time on PUBG . It doesn’t Feed you.

3:-Stop trying to please everyone. Give importance to yourself.

4:-Stay away from negative people . Make yourself as your best friend.

5:—Stop worrying about what people say. Tomorrow morning if you disappear, world will go on perfectly fine without you.

6:—Spend time with family more rather than social media.

7:-Make your own rules and boundaries. Don’t let anyone to break them .

8:—Always keep smile . And don’t waste your time on those people who don’t cares about you.

9:—Polish your skills and don’t let society to take advantage of them. Do whatever which helps you to polish your skill.

10:—The only way to improve tomorrow is to know what you did wrong today.

11:-Learn something new every day which helps you to improve your skills.