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Lời bài hát Pho Real (bbno$, Low G, Anh Phan)

[Verse 1: Pho Real bbno$]

I said that I loved you but I didn’t
I don’t know why I said that
Maybe I was just in love with the fat ass
Put the pussy wide open like a tic-tac
You’re a fool if you think that I miss you

[Verse 2: Pho Real Low G]

I think it’s lust on the street
Birds and the bees (Hở)
First time I see, she squirt the balcony (Àaa)
Mới cho em nghe Việt-Lish được một tí
Em bỏ giọng Anh Mỹ, xong she sucks on my D
I FaceTimed and see his wife
I came eat and she said hi
I just told about the price (Hở)
She undress, I don’t know why
Met this chick, she a real estate agent (Xời)
I’m broke as fuck but she knew that I’m handsome and Asian (Ayy)
And she agreed to down the price and the rest
Left hand I smack right hand sign the contract
Then I owned the house and two chicks give me contacts
Ass so fat when they came in it made the dog cry
See the papi so can we play later?
We can do anything for you forever
I’m talkin’ porno and shit
Bottles and chicks, models and hunchos bangin’ for business
Tell you ’bout the stories I seen in my life
This is Low G, see you next time

[Verse 3: bbno$]

Never have a problem with a girl
‘Less she tryna make my heart kinda start
Let me say it, God forbid
Only got one problem, it’s a bitch
Glad I glowed up on my ex she a six
Only got one problem, it’s a bitch
Ninety-nine racks in the bank, real rich
Yeah, bbno$ making sex-sex-sex

[Verse 4: bbno$]

If I stressed too much would you still like me?
Yeah, you check on my type is your name Nike?
And she knows what I like and she does it nightly
And I know that she likes when I call her wifey
Yeah, take her on my bed and she bad with it, bad with it, bad with it (Uh)
Yeah, keep it between you and me, keep a hush
Yeah, I can not believe you’re into me, I think it’s lust

[Verse 5: Anh Phan]

Season on my “Thrrtd”, I be like “Nuh-nuh-nuh”
My boy be like “Ha-ha-ha”
They know I’m a pussy mother-rah (Đụ má)
Tryna fuck a rockstar
Get some beers and hold on then (Hold on then)
Hundred Beers
​bbno$, when she think me, we-we like Kobe
Yeah-yeah, I’m too rich
Why you got so many red flags
Bitch, I’m from Việt Nam
Tao đẹp trai là do ông cố nội tao để lại (Itchīma)
Shit ain’t easy, you know it’s tough
AP on the beat you know it’s tough
Bưởi da xanh bao ngọt mà không ngọt thì chấm đường (Chấm đường)
Thấy tao trên cây cột khi tao lượn (Khi tao lượn)
Có thể gọi anh là đẹp trai nhất Việt Nam
Muốn hãm hại tao đó là nhiệm vụ tự sát
Kiss the bang, bitch, and I flip with the Ming
The bitches say “If I show you, I mean it”
Eyes in my teeth when I induce the feeling
Đại diện cho Phan Lê Nguyễn Trần chuyển vần, bitch
I’m on-on from-from Saigon, Vietnam, ya heard?