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What does a home-cooked meal mean to you?

Home cooked dishes for regular days are usually simple to dish up without a need for elaborate preparation, or artificial food enhancer such as msg/processed stock. Yet the food is delicious, a good hearty meal. Some home cooked dishes to go with boiled white rice:

Braised Chicken in Oyster Sauce

Braising is better in a claypot than wok as the round pot holds the sauce for the protein to soak up the flavours. Classic home dish.

Fried Mackerel Fillet

Marinate fish with Shaoxing wine and salt for 30mins, flavour hot oil with ginger slices to fry fish till golden. Heat up soy seasoning mix and drizzle over the fish. Simple yet sumptuous.

Pork Chop

Pork chops are favourites in home cooking. Marinated then pan-fried and together with an onion and tomato sauce. Amazing appetizers.

Luncheon Meat & Potato

Cubed ‘meat’, potato and white onion is a spur of the moment thing. Effortless but goes really well with white rice. Kids love this, there’s no greens.

Choy Sum w Garlic

This particular choy sum (mustard family) has a thinner stalk with a more delicate flavour than regular choy sum. It’s difficult to replicate the fiery wok condition of restaurant at home, stir fry will have a bit of sauce. Still delicious.