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Why shouldn’t you boil hot dogs?

I cannot understand why you shouldn’t boil hotdogs. My mom made my siblings and I boiled hot dogs for years when we were kids. We loved them. It’s a quick and easy way to stop a hungry kid from asking for dinner. I have not eaten a hotdog for many years. I had an idea how I would cook one. I would give is a long slow boil in a sauce pan filled with beer. After about an hour, I would remove the hotdogs from the beer water. I would cut many half inch cuts just into the casing (not deep cuts). Then I would grill the hotdogs to get the casing crispy. I think the beer would help keep the taste in the hotdog (water might make the hotdog bland). The cutting would make many edges of the casing available to the grilling process and all those little edge cuts would get that crispy grilled flavor. Grill the bun so it is crispy too. Drop the grilled beer hotdog into the bun and start piling on the toppings. YUM!!