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The magnificent Church of Peace in Świdnica in Poland

The magnificent Church of Peace in Świdnica in Poland – a wooden architectural wonder on the UNESCO Heritage List. This altar is also made of wood (although sculptures look like marble).

The church is the monument from the UNESCO World Heritage List, Monument of History, the largest wooden Baroque temple in Europe!!!, one of the seven new wonders of Poland according to “National Geographic”.

The church was built in 10 months. On an area of 1090 sq m. there are 7.5 thousand people, and the splendor of the baroque interior strongly contrasts with the simplicity of the structure. Almost everything inside is made od wood. The organ with a magnificent baroque frontage supported by two atlases and decorated with moving figures of angels playing music was completely renovated in 2016. This largest organ in the region with 62 voices, made of nearly four thousand pipes, was built in 1909 by the well-known Schlag&Söhne company from Świdnica. It’s really worth seeing it.